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Sun Tanning and the Top 7 Sunscreen Lotions


In this article, you will find remedies for Sun Tanning and the top 7 Sunscreen lotions.

During the summer, everyone is concerned about getting tanned while having fun outdoors. Sun Tanning is most likely to occur when we’re on holiday or spending time outdoors. It’s essential to use sunscreen, as it provides better protection. Remember to reapply sunscreen frequently, especially if you’re swimming or sweating. Every couple of hours is a good rule of thumb to ensure it doesn’t wash away. Keep applying sunscreen even during your winter holiday to prevent tanning.

Some of you might enjoy getting that warm, healthy glow from tanning. However, it is important to understand that tanning doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. 

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Why do you experience tanning?

Tanning is a result of increased melanin pigmentation, which protects our skin from the sun’s UV rays. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause our skin to turn red, peel, blister, and even hurt. Additionally, strong UV rays can lead to skin aging and skin cancer.

If you experience any kind of sunburn and your skin starts to peel, it’s important not to peel off the dead layer forcefully. Allow the new dermal layer to form completely and let the dead skin peel off naturally. Removing it can cause bleeding, inflammation, and infection. Moisturizing your skin to avoid further UV exposure during this process can help your skin recover and return to its original skin color. 

The recovery time and extent of skin returning to its original condition after tanning vary from each person. Taking good care of your skin by protecting it from UV rays can increase the recovery process.

After tanning, it’s important to hydrate your skin or soothe it down so cool your skin immediately. You can use a cold sheet mask or a cold towel to cool it down, but avoid using ice directly on your skin as it can cause drastic changes. Choose masks with natural, non-irritating ingredients to alleviate any sensitivity or dryness caused by high UV exposure. Aloe vera gel, cucumber slices, and are beneficial for soothing and hydrating your skin. Keep sheet masks in the refrigerator and use them after tanning, this provides additional cooling effects.

Recommended Products to reduce tanning

Choose a sunscreen product that is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E and that has an SPF of more than 40

Vitamin C is known to inhibit melanin pigmentation. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C and applying skincare products containing vitamin C together can be beneficial. Make sure to avoid using highly concentrated products that can irritate your skin. Mix three to four drops of vitamin C with toner after cleansing. 

Vitamin E also helps with skin hydration and improvement. It protects the skin from harmful components generated by UV rays, keeping it healthy. Using vitamin C and vitamin E products together before applying sun protection can aid in recovering from a tanned state more quickly.

Below are Some of the best-selling sun tanning and the top 7 sunscreen lotions available in the market

#1. La Shield SPF 40 Mineral-Based Sunscreen Gel

Neutrogena Sunscreen for dry skin
Neutrogena Sunscreen for dry skin

#2. WOW Skin Science Sunscreen

#3. Dr. Sheth’s Sunscreen with Vitamin C

#4. Neutrogena Ultra sheer Sunscreen

#5.Biotique Sun Shield Sunscreen

#6.Minimalist Sunscreen

#7.  The Derma Co Hyaluronic Sunscreen

Self-remedies to prevent sun tanning

Use protective clothing like Wear full-sleeve jackets, broad-brimmed hats, and large sunglasses to shield your skin from direct sun exposure. If you’re commuting on a two-wheeler, consider wearing a jacket and gloves to protect the exposed areas.

Another important aspect is maintaining a healthy diet. Include plenty of brightly colored fruits and vegetables in your meals, such as tomatoes, carrots, and leafy greens. These foods help protect your skin from sun-induced damage.


If you find that you’ve developed a tan despite taking preventive measures, it’s a good idea to consult a dermatologist. There are simple treatments available that can effectively lighten your tan. Seeking professional help will ensure you get the right guidance and appropriate treatment for your skin.


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